CubieBoard 2 – Thin Client Project

TThin Client project want to create a very low price thin client over Cubieboard 2 board! Microsoft RDC, Citrix ICA, VMWare View, OpenNX & SPICE

Please note: use at your own risk! Don’t use this image on multiple Cubieboard2 boards on the same LAN! This is a testing only version, CB2 is weird and have lot of issue!

What inside this beta release:
– Ubuntu Quantal 12.10 armel
– Rebuilded Kernel 3.4.61 with working Mali G2D and Audio modules
– Citrix Receiver 12.5.1 Rev. 1
– VMWare View Client 1.7.0 (yes, PCoIP is working!)
– Quest vWorkspaces 7.0b
– RDesktop 1.7.1
– xFreeRDP 1.1.0-beta1
– OpenNX
– X2GO Client
– SPICE GTK+ 0.20 Client & x-spice 2.8.90
– TN5250 Client 0.17.4
– X3270 Client 3.3.10
– XFCE Desktop Environment w/ right-click menu

How to install it:
– Prerequisite: Cubieboad2 board with 4Gb SDCard
– Download image here or here
– Unrar the archive
– Use win32diskimager or dd to burn image into sdcard
– Insert sdcard and power on Cubieboard2